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History of Alvarado Church of Christ

The Church of Christ in Alvarado had its beginning when ten faithful Christians banded together and met first at a tabernacle a few blocks off the square.  Later, they met in various buildings until about 1927 when regular Sunday morning services were held in the movie theater. 

In 1928, a parking lot was purchased from Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Kinman. During that summer, a tent meeting was held on the lot. In 1929, the first wooden building was erected on this lot. Much appreciated aid was given by neighboring churches, Central in Cleburne, Rio Vista, Joshua, and Venus. Two classrooms were added to the building in 1952 and soon after three more classrooms.

There was a need for a larger meeting place, so in 1962 the members decided to build a new brick church just north of the building. The open house for the new building was April 19, 1963.

On May 7,1995, the church ended a campaign called the Tie that Binds. The campaign was for a new building in which the church donated/pledged $150,000 towards a new building to be located north of Hwy 67 next to the Texaco Service Station. Construction began on January 2, 2000. By September of 2000 the congregation was having service in the new auditorium.

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